Once we arrived at Donsol, we headed for the tourist center.  We signed up for the night’s firefly watching.  I really do not have an idea what will happen since i haven’t heard about this kind of activity before.  That made it more interesting and exciting.

Ate Myra, our tourist guide, picked us up around 7 p.m., then we headed to Ogod river.  Actually, there were 2 rivers that you can go, the Donsol river and the Ogod river.  She chose Ogod, though farther, but a lot more fireflies to watch.

It was a really dark way to the site itself.  We had to leave Sitti at the end of the road, and had to walk all the way to the river side, where our motorized boat was waiting, manned by three people.  If we found more people to watch with, it will be more affordable since one rental of the boat costed us P1,200 ($27).

Off we went, sailing our way through the river.  The only light we had was the moon, so imagine how dark it was, especially when the moon was covered with clouds.  It took us more or less five minutes before we saw our first mangrove full of fireflies.  It was easily detected because of the darkness.  And man, we were amazed.  The first thing that came to our mind was the movie avatar.  Maybe because of the glowing effect of the fireflies.

After marveling at our first site, we proceeded to the deeper part of the river.  We spotted quickly the area where there were more than 2 or 3 mangroves flocked by fireflies.  It was a nice sight to see.  Truly, because of the lights coming from the abdomen of these small insects, together, they lighted the area making it more glow-in-the dark.

It was useless using normal cameras, since it was dark, so we didn’t get the chance to record this experience.  But, the feelings and wonder we felt, it will be forever in our minds and hearts.   We even think that this will be a perfect spot and a nice gesture for a man to propose to the girl he is wishing to ask for marriage.  hmmm, the sentimental in us.  🙂

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  1. that must have been really nice arjaye…i wanted to experience that one too when me and my bff where on a palawan trip last year. we went to this baywalk area in the city coz they said there are fireflies but when we got there and walk along the baywalk looking for the elusive fireflies …but non appeared 😦

  2. Maria Teres

    how did you book early for firefly watching and what website

    • hi maria teres… i just opened my site again… sorrry it took a very long time… and maybe u went already.. but for whatever its worth, im still here if u need some answers. haha
      the day we arrived was the day we asked for the firefly watching tour.. that same night too. no website, just ask the tourism center. 😊

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