1. THE BREAKUP CLUB by MELISSA SENATE (Reading Challenge 2014)

My sister gave this book to me.  Why?  I clearly know why.  The title speaks for itself.   Or thats what my sister thought.  A very applicable, self-explanatory reason on why i am still single.  Because i am included in this so called breakup club.  Apparently, i am not. 🙂


Meet the members of the Break up Club…

Lucy Miller-Masterson:  Superstar editor of bestselling books, supermom to a precocious preteen and super wife of a hot doctor… until she learns her husband’s New Year’s resolution is “Leave Lucy”.

Miranda Miller:  Stuck under her big sister’s shadow, this 20-something editorial assistant hopes her perfect ex-boyfriend will come crawling back… with a diamond ring.

Christopher Levy:  The women at the office think he stole Lucy’s promotion.  The moms at the playground think he broke up his family.  But this weekend dad can think only about figuring out fatherhood. 

Roxy Marone:  This Brooklynite shocks her traditional family when she skips her own wedding to hop a train to Manhattan for a life-changing job interview.

At first, i was just dragging the pages.  Forgive me, but its not the book’s fault.  It’s me.  (Haha it sounded like a break-up scene there!)  I was still on my precious vacation when i eagerly started reading.  And i wanted too fast to identify myself on one of the characters, thus, i got bored easily since i cannot relate in any one of them.  Yes, i will repeat, i cannot relate in any one of them, individually. It is because i have realized, i am Lucy-Miranda-Christopher-Roxy rolled into one.  I may not have their exact dispositions in life.  I may not be working in a publishing company in New York ( But ive been there, so it helped in imagining the scenes part).  Their problems are not exactly my problems.  But, ive experienced heart aches, betrayal, rejection, hopes up then crushed again, fear for the unknown future, in one way or another, as the characters in the story.

One time i was Lucy, relaxed in the relationship that i don’t care about how i look anymore.  The other time i was Christopher, clueless on how to handle things when given a responsibility.  But most of the time, I am Roxy and Miranda.  The roxy in me doesn’t know what i want really in life.  I once loved a guy like Robert Roberts , but in the end it was not enough for me to keep the relationship going.  I did not ran away from a wedding but i did a lot of things to spite him, though he always have the best interest for me.  And the Miranda, if i really love a guy, I will fight for him until the end… will wait until somebody makes me realize how pathetic i become. Then i have to force myself to get over him fast because he’s not worth it.  I remember one line in the story that really made sense to me.

“Sometimes we’re holding on to the safety of the relationship that we wished the relationship could have been.  Sometimes if we really looked into our hearts, we’d see we weren’t so madly in love either… If you’re spending so much time loving someone you cant have, you’re not loving yourself — the key to happiness.”

That was then.  i am now, like the four characters Lucy, Chrsitopher, Miranda and Roxy, a member of the breakup club no more… wake up club is really much appropriate.

I know this is not quite passable for a book review but the after effects of the story in my real life tends to show how in some way it touched my heart.  It made my perception in life positive and always looking on the brighter side.That is enough.  🙂

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One thought on “1. THE BREAKUP CLUB by MELISSA SENATE (Reading Challenge 2014)

  1. yikes! not really my kind of book…ehehehe!

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