I spent the past two days in Bangalore, India.  Two days full of eating, less sleeping, people watching, book hunting, book reading, movie marathoning.  Life is a big playground!  Life is wonderful!


As we always start our day at 9 in the morning, we usually had breakfast at the FEAST, our hotel, Sheraton’s main restaurant.  For two days, half of the crew which includes the Flight Attendant in Charge Fahad, the Purser Ammar, Steward Faisal and Stewardesses Menchie and Arjaye met at the restaurant to eat and laugh and chat.  Through omelettes, and croissants, watermelons and oranges, parathas, sausages and bacon and loaf, we talked and discussed flights; ours and others, people, current events, goals, and even some touches in our personal lives.    Most of the time, we joke around, laugh out load, tease each other, make fun of ourselves.   In short, we were able to get to know each other better through this small gathering every breakfast time till the buffet closes, till we ran out of coffee refills.

The breakfast plate..  first of the many! 😀


Then comes after lunch hours strolling the mall.  Looking for bargains, and food to satisfy our mini hunger.  We ended up trying Chili’s, for wings and pasta.  Hey! hey!hey! blazingly hot were the foodies served.  I guess it  was our fault, we forgot to advise the waiter not to put any spicy thing in our order.   We’re in India , remember?!! The land of spices and herbs.  So, when the dinner came, we went for the usual tastes our tongue can tolerate, pizza.  hahaha!

The dinner after the movies…



This was so true, for me at least.  For three straight nights, i got less sleeping hours than the normal people get.  Facebook, Skype, Twitter, instagram, Torrents, Downloads, Uploads,  name it, but put the blame to the free internet connection, please.  I was just a victim! 😀


I guess, everybody does this, anywhere, anytime.  Even I am guilty!



I was able to finish an entire book called The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater during this 2 days stay in India.  Thanks to Ms. Laila, a friend from the Read Philippines, who made this as our January challenge.

Add thanks for the most accessible mall beside our hotel, the Orion mall, since it houses most of the top brands, grocery store, food court, especially the Landmark, a popular bookstore in India.  It got me bringing home 6 books, adding them to my ever growing piles of to-be-reads.



 Ohhh!  This was the best part, the highlights of our stay.  Yes, i admit living in Saudi Arabia made us cinema-deprived people.  So once we stepped out of the country, and there’s a good new movie in town, off we go to the nearest movie house.  Once again, Orion Mall got it all in one roof.  They have both english and hindi movies.  We opted to watch not just one but three movies.  Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Legend of Hercules and The Wolf of Wall Street.  The best part was we did at as a crew.  From Saudis, to Filipinas and an Indian, we enjoyed the flick with popcorns and unlimited laughs.  I love flying with cool crews like these peeps.  It bridges the gap between every nationalities.  I like to think that in every flight, you either find an enemy or a friend.  I prefer the latter.  Thus, im happy to find a friend in Sana Sheikh.  She’s a darling.  Sweet!



About the movies:

JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT.  Chris Pine is a sweetheart to watch.  I never saw any trailers of this movie, hence, i don’t know anything about it.  But i enjoyed the twists and turns of it, as predictable as it is.   Action-filled, I literally followed the scenes each and every minute.

THE LEGEND OF HERCULES.  We watched this in 3D.  Glasses and all, we followed this Greek demigod in his conquest of love and  freedom for the people in his kingdom.  How he accepted his true nature, thus resulting in his super duper extra strength that helped deliver his nation from the bad king and his coward but egoistic kind of a brother.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET.  I love Leonardo diCaprio.  Period.  He truly deserved the best actor award from Golden Globes, and maybe, hopefully extends the same luck with the Oscar’s.  The movie is such a chaos so does Leo’s character but those kinds were the ones you cant stop watching and hating and loving.  In my own opinion, even though i am not that familiar with stocks and brokers and wall street, i enjoyed learning through this movie.  Leave the drugs and smokes and sexy parts aside, it was entertaining as well as educational, but in the negative sense.  Watch this crime-drama-comedy movie to understand what i mean.  For the love of Leo, I recommend this movie.  He really acts at his best, always!

Shukriya, Bangalore! Till the next time… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “ON A TWO-DAY LAYOVER

  1. i very much like the food part hehehe! and envy ur book haul there! kulang pa yan gurl 🙂 i need to update my movies to watch haven’t been seeing a lot of tv shows i swear the tv in my room will get rusted. coz i spent an ungodly amount of time on my tablet and computer. btw, parang kayo lang ang tao sa pix mo sa movie theater O_o anyways haven’t seen any of the movies u’ve mentioned. i kept buying those pirated movies but never got around to watching them. i also admire leo d. as an actor. also take note pala if you have read Divergent by Veronica Roth (of w/c i’m a fan and part of the fandom hihihi) the movie adaptation is coming out this March 28. so if you have time in between your flying job pick this up 😀
    i am happy you also meet new friendly faces in the sky, your new friends look friendly to me hehehe!

    • Naku naku! cant wait na… I watched the trailer and yes na excite ako! finished reading the trilogy… Did u like the ending sa allegiant? Im a disney fan, wanting to live in a world of happy ever afters.kaya u know ang stand ko jan..haha anyway, hope to see it in the big screen though. I love the food esp. Breakfast coz its complimentary… Who doesnt want free food.haha and the movies… Ive downloaded a bunch most 2013 ones.. Gotta catch up! kaya ikaw dapat ganun din… Give ur book reading a rest. theres so much this life has to offer. Hihi hope to visit u n cebu someday! 🙂

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