last breath


“Following close on the heels of his celebrated debut 18 Seconds, George Shuman returns with yet another remarkable thriller featuring investigative consultant Sherry Moore — a blind woman with an uncanny ability to view the final living moments of any dead body she encounters.

A ruthless serial killer with an unthinkable MO has left a trail of tortured, murdered women in western Maryland and seems to have gone to ground in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. With no leads or any sign of a suspect, investigators must call on the now-famous blind psychic Sherry Moore, a woman whose talent inspires skepticism, but whose results are unparalleled. When she is put in contact with the hand of any dead body, she relives the memory of the departed’s final experience. While investigating this case, she is privy to the most savage and terrifying scenes imaginable. However, because the killer is aware of her methods, he keeps his identity just beyond her reach until she resolves to put herself directly in harm’s way. When the fiend sets his sights on Sherry, this seemingly helpless woman must demonstrate an almost inhuman strength of will and of body as she attempts to capture the deranged killer without having to pay the ultimate price in exchange.”  — GOODREADS



What made me buy this book was the fact that the plot itself piqued my interest.  Who would not be curious to what powers this Sherry Moore has.  Blind but can see the last 18 seconds of someone else’s life.  It is what she was described in the novel, the “dying breath”, the “voice from the grave”.  Creepy but why not.  One can know the last thoughts of a loved- one, a friend or much more used in this story, the murdered victims, the clues to solving mysteries and crimes.  If really that’s the case, then all the crimes will just be easily solved.

I remember the line in Spiderman. Great power comes with great responsibility.  To Sherry Moore, this power comes with a price.  For she also underwent lots of traumas and pains and aches all because of this gift.  By taking the hand of a dead person, the thoughts of happy sad, love, misery, past, present was transmitted to her. By taking the hand of the victims, she saw the difficulties, the struggles, the fear, the pain.  Thus, making her a target victim for the suspect himself.  And for the society, who really doesn’t believe in this kind of stuffs.

Honestly, i liked the plot.  But somewhere along the way, i lost my interest.  I simply got bored.  This crime thriller was not able to get through me.  My emotions were not stirred, my focus blurred.  The climax and ending and even the resolution was hard to imagine, thus for me, was not justified.  I should have at least read 18 seconds first, his debut for Sherry Moore serial-murder cases.  Maybe, just maybe.

I believe that every book is a good book.  I just like the others more!  Maybe, i am not for this kind of novel, after all.



“1 going 2”


5 — love!  can’t get it out of my head, for days or weeks!

4 — like… will recommend to others!

3 — okay!

2 — just passing through!

1 — sad! i want to love all the books, but at least ive tried!

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3 thoughts on “5. LAST BREATH by GEORGE D. SHUMAN

  1. i have trouble analyzing crime novels coz i need to be in the protagonist shoes and mind as well which is probably why i’m not so keen with this genre. i prefer to watch crime shows! so u have included your rating for this. the blurb was enticing which is why i was curious why you end up not enjoying it that much.was it the writing style? perhaps the executions of the plot was not done well. Take for ex. Agatha Cristie novels are always a wonder for me I can never predict the outcome of her stories “who done it?” they are more of a psychological crime thriller. Have you read any of her works?

    • Nope.. But i may try as soon.. My reading soul was not dampen by my first attempt in crime novels. Or maybe, its only me, my heart feels always the romantic side and the kilig parts in a story. that is why i should explore more outside of that genre. And as for the rating… I included it since u suggested it hihi. I dont know for sure if my scoring is done well enough. its only my opinion.
      And Really, i have a lot of books in mind because of u… So keep it coming lai! 🙂

    • And lai, i was speaking in a general tone. writing style and the progress of the story made me out of focus, i lost my interest. was not able to keep me hooked, thus, boring even it was supposed to make me want to know more. the words were just passing through my eyes. sad but really i was not into it. 😦

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