PANDEMONIUM (Delirium series #2)


After reading this, i have written.


The Wilds had changed you.  For the better.  You are much stronger now, but harder on the edges.  You are more trained and skilled to live in this new world that you were in.  The new Lena is ready to fight for what she wants.  The freedom to love.  And you will do whatever it takes to accomplish that, spy or not.  But for whom, not Alex anymore.  And that was just plain sad.


New guy.  That’s it. 


One word best describes you. 
When i started leafing through the pages of pandemonium, i was thinking where and when will you show up.  I kept on looking for signs that in anyway will lead to you or to a sneak peek of your whereabouts.  that way, i still have a hope that you’re still out there, breathing, still fighting.  but, you were totally gone in all the pages.  yes, you live through lena’s dreams, halllucinations, or whatever you may call it, but physically in the book, we readers, lost you.  and that had a big impact on us who kept track of your unfailing love affair with lena, through good and bad times in delirium. 
But a girl can always hope, right? Im not giving up.  so, ill see more of you in requiem.


One reason why Julian really had a hard time infiltrating in my thoughts, i kept on thinking he was just a friendly distraction.  but well, you really got me there, Ms. LAUREN OLIVER.  you really didnt need to put on xtra effort emphasizing that Alex was gone already, i just felt it everytime i turn another page and another page and another page.  until it finally sank in.  the glimmer of hope that i had died when Julian uttered these words to Lena,” what does it feel like to be infected by deliria… I want to know, i want to know it with you…” It was set on stone when at the very end, he went up to her and said you and me. Promise?  then bam! why do u have to do it ms. oliver? why?! (forgive me for being so overly exaggerated hehe! just want u to know how i felt this last night.  😦

Its understandable that it ended up like that in delirium, chaos was the word.  But here, omg! So calm, isn’t it?  but why beneath those calmness, i sense a wave.  a raging wave that is about to rock every bit of Lena’s world.  Or in real time space, my world.

Ive been wandering why Lena havent jump for joy when all this time, she was hoping and praying all along this exact moment to happen.  When, and if whenever, Alex would materialize in front of her.

Suddenly, i remembered the kiss at the Salvage with Julian.  Then it dawned on me. Things change, and so do people, and feelings, too.  😦

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One thought on “PANDEMONIUM (Delirium series #2)

  1. hmmmm….mixed emotions i’m sure…but like i’ve said over at RP i had a lot of hunch about certain characters already before i’ve read Pandemonium…like the case of the missing Alex and what really happened to him…as soon as i’ve read that scene about the bombing of this “asylum prison” i knew then who will be those possible escapees. Yes i understand Lena is trying to move on to survive in the wild and finally accepting that Alex is gone, then the author dropped the Hiroshima bomb on her in the last page. HA! i totally saw that coming! Good luck with the final installment I hope you will not end up cursing a Delirium to the author O_o LOL! this book remains my fave out of the trilogy.

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