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Twenty-three-year-old Adem Adamend has it rough. His name is ludicrous. His friends are few. And the only thing his “kid genius” status has gotten him at the Interdistrict Bureau of Intelligence is a boatload of extra work with no credit in sight.

Then hotshot lawyer Victor Manson is burned to death in his own back yard, and Adem finds himself using his unique skills to piece together the strangest crime he’s ever seen. Strange because the only possible suspect Adem can pin the murder on…is a mythical beast. A dragon.

Before Adem can unravel the mystery of Manson’s death, the Bureau loses jurisdiction to the secretive EDPA, an organization that investigates weird and deadly events. But Adem isn’t one for giving up, so he takes it upon himself to delve deeper into EDPA’s machinations, into the series of unfortunate events that led to Manson’s demise.


And what he finds may change the way he views the world — and himself — forever.


What do you do when a killer can hide behind his dreams?

What do you do when a murder weapon ceases to exist?

And how do you stop a villain who can conjure up nightmares and burn you from the Earth in the blink of an eye?

Adem Adamend is about to find out.




How far is that from our world now?  698 years to be exact.  And i just cant imagine how advance our world will be that time.  Technologically advanced, progressed and developed,  scientifically speaking.  Gone where the old days that dreams are merely visions representing something greatly desired or something unreal, seen events or pictures while you were sleeping.  In Adem Adamend’s world, dreams can be turned into echoes.  One that hurt you and even kill you.  If it can be real, imagine nightmares.

Honestly,  this is my first ever venture on sci-fi slash mystery slash serial type of novel.  I’m a newbie but i can say that i am liking this kind.  That much!  I cant put it down, had to steal minutes or hours from work just to read it chapter by chapter.  I got it all covered in 3 days.  Not fast enough i know, but i want to really get myself well introduce in the story, as much as to be involve in it.

I got a slight difficulty starting on the first few parts since I keep on picturing them all in my head.  Dragon, people, dreams, machine, crime organizations, echoes.  A lot of explanations in their part.  Adem.  Jin.  Umbrella Girl.  I kept imagining how will the world look like in 2712 or how will the futuristic people dress,  and i always find myself referring to the movie I ROBOT with Will Smith in it.  Why? All the buildings, the structures, the machines, the devices, the apartments, it was all fitting in that kind of world.  OCOM for example.  I imagined it as the super duper advanced IPhone that future time.

About the characters, Adem is not perfect.  That is why i like him.  Yes he’s smart has super natural powers, unique skill like reading people and crossing dreams on his own, but still he is not physically capable of overthrowing punches and sprinting into runs and chases, thus making him as human as possible.  Thus, needing other people is necessary for his character development.

Adem and Jin makes a good team for me.  I really enjoyed the ways they were exchanging banters to each other.  The way the love and hate in their friendship rolled up, the sarcasm, the support.  I keep laughing every time Adem made fun of JIn, and the others too, but the latter just shrugging it off and continuing on whatever he wanted to do or say, was outright entertaining to me.  Adem, a little bit too serious, maybe because of his tragic history, or plainly, because he is ‘that’ smart,  still fits the lead character.  Jin on his side, was the comic relief, thus making them a good tandem.  This is what you call “bromance” nowadays (coined from brotherly romance. hehe).  There’s a bond between two guys, but not necessarily romantic.  Its called balance.  I knew for sure, even before it happened in the story, that in some way, some how, JIn will be  of help to Adem, even how clumsy and how funny he was described.

I will admit it now that im a sucker for love and romance and in this story, I kept on looking for clues and signs that there will be.  There must be!  There are scenes which i thought will lead or will start onto something.  But unfortunately for me, it was ruled out by the fact that umbrella girl Dynara Chamberlain is already 52 years old, and Regina Williams, the heterochromia lady is indeed from the dark side.  Well, maybe in his next adventure.  But for now, modded girls doesn’t have an effect on him.

Superiors like Briggs and Brennian always look tough and respectable.  They should be, they are in the higher-ups for a reason.  And almost always, villains will be coming in their lines or ranks or  same level of power and authority.  It was not a surprise for me that it turned out that way.  It is somehow predictable, the lies and betrayal.  But the revelation about the mother, I was heartbroken.  Actually, the line “So if a child has a night mare about the monster in his closet… the monster comes to life.  Yes.”  I stopped reading, imagined all of my dreams and nightmares.  But like the scene in the story, it was cut short.  I was almost on the verge of crying because of what happened but nothing was said after.    I would prefer more emotional touch on each character.  Each and one of them has a back story to tell, not all hard and stones on the outside.

Obviously, the story resolved one case only and there’s a lot more coming, given the mastermind is still on the loose.  That is alarming but exciting as well.  I will see more of Adem and Jin in the next installment.  Experience more of Adem’s intellectual side and sense of humor and hopefully, his physical strength improving.  JIn, his careless but good-humored jokes,  Dynara, for her kick-ass character.  But that’s ok Therin Knite if you make Adem stays that way, battered and bruised all the time because i don’t know how his ego will handle this new strength if you gave him this  while he is already genius and handsome and super smart. Every hero has some weakness, right?!   And that’s Dynara’s role in his life.  Protection.  I like her already.

Therin Knite’s writing style is easy to comprehend, and free-flowing.  I can easily relate to some of the banters and phrases he tried to convey.  Over all, i enjoyed ECHOES.  It was a new kind of reading experience for me.  Fresh ideas as others say.  It was full of actions and twists and turns set in a very distant future.  But it lacks emotional touch that can add readers to relate more.  Readers like me whom sensitive enough to know that slight romanticism will never hurt, thus will add more interest and lasting effect in every minds and heart.  Im a newbie in science-fictions but echoes is one sure read that i will recommend to others.  One sure read that I would want to know more.

And wait.. did i tell you already how i love the cover?? SUPER!

NOTE: *This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. *  THANK YOU therin knite @knitewrites.com


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5 thoughts on “8. ECHOES by THERIN KNITE

  1. A very balanced review– thanks for sharing this. I love the cover, too. Added to my TBR pile.

    • Yes Ms. D… A good sci-fi debut for me. didnt get bored… I hope ull like it too. Update me when ure done.. So i can know ur thoughts also on this… plus, did i give any spoilers? I hope not! 🙂

  2. Great review arjaye! you gave just enough for the readers to be curious about. Me i’m still thinking about it coz sci-fi is not my kind of genre. And like you i want a bit of romance here and there even if it is not the focus of the story you know? But i am glad you enjoyed this one very much and you may have found your taste have branched out more 🙂

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