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Let me thank first my friend Laila Campos for bringing this to my attention.  Ive been noticing her comments in Facebook, while she was reading this book.  And yes, it got me curious but took me a long time to really got a hold of it.  And now im here, and i don’t know how to start.  There is this warm feeling that is spreading around me, that i just want to savor and relish and hope to lasts.  Ahhh!  YOUNG LOVE, SWEET LOVE!  How long it has been for me to really fall hard like this?


ELEONOR is funky, definitely not skinny, doesn’t care if she’s different.  She has big red hair.

PARK is a boy who likes comic books and alternative music, wants to be different.  He is half-Korean.

They met in the Bus.  Eleonor wears this kind of dress  which really screams for attention, despite the fact that her red hair can do it alone.  She is new in town.  She steps on the bus, she doesn’t have a place there.  Park, on the other hand, is the boy who just go with the flow, doesn’t bother, doesn’t care. as long as he is not the one they are picking on.  Those group at the back of the bus who obviously have nothing to do but to torment others, had their eyes on the new girl.  This is where it all started, how their worlds collide.

It was not a difficult start to begin with.  As snob as Park wanted to be, he cant resist Eleonor in their everyday encounters.  In the bus going to school, lockers, English and History classes, in the bus going home.  Everywhere he noticed Eleonor, bits by bits, though they don’t talk to each other.  Until the day the comic book made the big gesture.  Until they knew each other, slowly but surely.  Until they mold themselves in each other’s lives.  Until they fell in love.  


Talking about the comic book that started it all.  This act of Park made Eleonor felt welcome somehow.  It did not say a lot but it encourages her to be standing on the same ground with him. This is the same time i started liking Park.  He really swept me off my feet with those simple actions.  Let me prove you some.

“Park didn’t say anything.  He just held his comics wider and turned the pages more slowly.”

“Park picked up his comics after taekwondo Wednesday night, but he waited until Thursday to read them.”

“That night while he did his homework, Park made a tape with all his favorite Smith songs, plus a few songs by Echo and the Bunneymen and Joy Division.  He put the tape and more X-men comics into his backpack before he went to bed.”

“He emptied all his handheld video games and Josh’s remote control cars and called his grandma to tell them that all he wanted for his birthday in November was double-A batteries.”

These were all just in the beginning.  I cannot tell you how much i adore this boy.  Who will not fall for this kind, sweet, gentle, caring kind?  Up to the last part, my heart goes for Park.  I truly admired him.

On the other hand, after all those troubles that Eleonor went through, bullying and family problems, she managed to handle it very well.  She stands for what she believes is right, stubborn at times, but honest and true.  She has this world that is broken on the outside, yet when you look closely,much shattered on the inside.  But this Eleonor is one tough kid.  They cannot shake her out, cannot weaken her.

Mixed them together and you got two misfits who found each other and made the world around them as wonderful as they can make it to be.  They unravel this world by taking each day one step at a time.  No harsh decisions, no hurry doings.  They accepted each other and face the world together.  They drew strengths from each other.  In good times and bad times.  Even in really, really bad times.

Yes, this is a story about young love, but not as innocent as it is supposed to be.  For the world revolving them makes it more complicated and somehow dark.  The story build up was slow but that is very applicable.  The words are simple but direct.  It goes through my heart, and melted it.  Cheesy but not too sappy.  A page turner.  Every turn of a page makes you crave for more.  Sweet, young, fresh.  This book spread warmth through your mind and heart and soul.  Remember Romeo and Juliet?  How intense the emotions they felt towards each other, the first time they met?  Eleonor and Park was not like them.  Their love story slowly build into your eyes, then put  a mark in your heart then seeps into your soul.  Easy-read yet unforgettable.  I truly recommend this .

I love this book.  From beginning to end.  It is the open stanza that made me succumb deeply into Eleonor and Park’s world.  It is the last line that made my heart melt like a jell-o.  I literally voiced out loud…. awwwww! sweet!  Plus, this is a 5/5.  To know, read this if you must! 🙂


the backstory:

“Eleonor and Park made me remember the first time i fell in love.  It was as endearing as this.  He was not from the same class with me in highschool, but we had our rooms opposite each other.  We had common friends who hanged-out together.  From being shy, we learned to know that we like each other by simple gestures.  We made eye contacts along the hall, we pass each other notes, we did try to be partners and do homeworks together, we went to church together, we ate snacks together, we held hands, we sneaked out pass our curfew, then we kissed.  We promised not to do anything against what we were taught to do.  It was a Catholic school, anyway.  We’d rather be alone that spend time with other kids our age.  We talked long hours on the phone.  We said i love you’s.  We did most of what Eleonor and Park did.  We felt exactly what Eleonor and Park felt.  The promise of love.  Until graduation, that we had to go our separate ways.  It made my heart broken and I don’t know where he is right now.  But he left  me with that memory of how to be in love, those young wonderful days, that I carry till now.  Years had passed, but it can still bring a smile on my face when i remember him.  It was a beautiful memory!” —– arjaye

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4 thoughts on “9. ELEONOR & PARK by RAINBOW ROWELL

  1. Thank you arjaye for that special mention ahahahaha! but really this is another awesome review. You gave it justice than i ever could. It now reminded me that maybe it was a great time to fall in love for the first time in the 80’s i happen to love that era. There was none of that social media technology we have today thus everything at that time is dealt in a more personal ways which is why i think the 80s setting in this story is the perfect backdrop of Eleanor and Park’s romance. Aaaaawwwww indeed 🙂

  2. Go read ‘Attachments’ 🙂 I like it more than Eleanor and Park. 🙂

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