DAILY POST: Weekly Writing Challenge


But indeed it made the rest, the best.


I am gasping for air, i cannot breath.

i am clinging for my dear life.

i look up at the old church, almost crumbling into dust.

i look down and saw my heart, stomped, shattered,

if you must.

bits by bits, pieces to pieces.

as you turn, never looking back.

the only words you said, even lips don’t move

you love her more than me,

today, of all the days you could.

seems like an easy task, just like a shout in the woods.

church bells ringing in my ears,

rain pitter-pattering.

i step outside and i fell silent.

As Silence can ever be.


Strutting my best self, came to see you by the old.

still standing, this church, surprisingly mend, it hold.

happy as every little angels sing to the song,

like this minster, no quakes can shake,

no storm can break.

i am now back, not with a vengeance,

but somebody as  strong.

no more silence, this heart can only beat,


as you confess this love of yours still running deep.



heart almost stops, then quicken.

i dont know what came to you with that thinkin’!

you turned your back before,

words were never needed,

heard it as loud as the bang of a closing door,

now, what am i missing?


Hurt me before, cupid, that was your last stint.

you can never hurt me anymore,

brought the toughest shield.

hit me with an arrow, then leave me in colds and sorrow?


never can do that again,

not with you, boy, oh really no, no!

Faith, and love and trust,

thats all i need every day and every ‘morrow.

happiness is a choice, somebody might say.

then i chose to be happy and love, yes!

not only on Valentines day.

Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

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16 thoughts on “DAILY POST: Weekly Writing Challenge

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  2. Love the shape of this and structure. Enthralling poem!

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  4. Beautifully written. You capture such varied emotions – no doubt a moving story behind each if them.

    • Thanks… There’s always a back story behind every smiles, tears, laugh… Like u re-hashing those uve experienced brings out the best memories in the future.. To be a lesson or to be just for laughs.

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  6. nikkiharvey

    I love how it’s structured into 3 sections and beautifully written

    • Hiyeee nikki! thanks.. 😉 the back story behind that is just as true as the words. Anyway, cheked ur blog.. Doggies are loves! 😉

  7. WOOOOOWWWWW Arjaye! I am so impressed with this. You wrote this???? I sense a love gone wrong in the first stanza but then it became more hopeful and moving on still believing in love more than ever 🙂 i love it. that is my take anyway to ur poem. no more bitterness! only love remains 🙂 i have no talent for writing poems but i can probably scratch up a haiku. lol!

    • Lai! lai! i.made this in less than an hour i think… Hahah the power of experience as ive said, kaya ko sya nagawa! hihi im glad u liked it! I dont know kung papasalamatan ko or sisisihin ko ang inspiration ko haha. But then again… Ill just go for the learning side. Hehe tara gawa ka na! 🙂 lets post it… 🙂

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