10. VAMPIRE ACADEMY by Richelle Mead


Ill just have to admit it.  I jumped into reading the Vampire Academy because it is hitting the big screen this month of the year.  Ive been seeing a lot of the series in the reviews, Goodreads, bookstores, must read lists, YA’s, but never getting near on any pages of it… until i saw the trailer.  It made me curious, but not impressed.




The opening plot was so engaging.  It was like i really pictured them on my mind.  Portland.  Normal neighborhood.  People, human.  Roommates, Rose and Lissa.  One of those nights when people gets nightmare.  Nothing peculiar about it.  But when you look closely, and as you turn the page, you will see that nothing is so normal when you let your friend drink blood from you.  When somebody was watching you over your window, creepy as it seems.  And most especially when somebody, rather a group of people went on chasing you and your roommate, only to be cornered and dragged away back to the place you’ve been trying to escape from two years ago.  Thats how the story started.  Vampires.

Going back to the Academy was the last thing Rose Hathaway and Vasilissa Dragomir wanted.  Unfortunately, Dmitri Belkov was successful in doing them so.   They came back by force.  And the lives they were able to dodge for 2 years kept on pouring to them.  The school, classes, classmates, the “royals”, past lovers, new friends, professors, detentions, pranks, cliques, popular, enemies, Kirova, guardians.  Back to the same old ways.  Like the normal school that you know, with classes, and trainings and gyms, except this Academy is different.  This is for vampires.  Dhampirs and Morois.  They have wards and spells fully protecting the academy away from the Strigois.

A quick vocabulary review:

Dhampirs are half-human, half vampire.  They are the future guardians of the Morois.

Morois are the mortal vampires.  They are alive, mortal and born.

Strigoi, on the  other hand are undead.  They are immortal and are made as opposed to born.


Rose is a dhampir.  Lissa is a Moroi, a royal Moroi.  Rose and Lissa shares a bond, no other people in the Academy had experienced.  They are inseparable.  But Rose has to undergo a lot of trainings to be ready as the guardian of Lissa in the near future.  Enters Dmitri, a god-like super hot older guardian with a Russian accent, that will be the crushing object of Rose.  Enters Christian Ozera, from a family with a not so good reputation.  He will be the apple of the eye of Princess Lissa.

Coming back to the Academy was not as simple as they hoped for.  There were a lot of controversies, speculations, lies, secrets.  Everybody.  This was the core of the story.  Unravelling all the questions and mysteries and looking for the answers were the main objectives.  In the end, you will definitely feel you already belong to this Academy, to have known each and everybody there.  To be part of their secrets and affairs, and dances and lunch.

Of course, love was in the air.  Or lust for that matter.  I really like the pairings, Ms. Richelle Mead, no matter how very very predictable it was.  Definitely, i will be looking forward to see how they mortalized Rose and Dmitri, Lissa and Christian on the big screen.


I cannot compare Vampire Academy to other vampire books.   It has its own taste of the underworld.  The author made us peer into that world in a school like manner, younger and modern.  Hogwarts for Harry Potter like.  And Rose is not Bella of the Twilight, definitely.  The strong, brave, and kick-ass character made it more interesting.  Not so damsel in distress drama,wild and dangerous though, leaning more on the troublesome and stubborn side of the lead female.  Even bad decisions lead to good outcomes it may seem.

The impact of this book to me is not that strong as the other serial books in the market.  But nevertheless, i had a good ride reading the journey of Rose and Lissa together.  It was like ive also experienced what they had experienced.  It was like a momentarily tap in their heads, and in their feelings.  Like the power that Rose and Lissa shares, in their bond.

A fresh touch on vampires as opposed to other stories written about them.  I would definitely continue reading the books, but not in a hurry to really devour on them.   On the brighter side… i think i just love the book more than its movie counterpart!

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One thought on “10. VAMPIRE ACADEMY by Richelle Mead

  1. it was an entertaining read for me…i will read the next book after i have seen the movie. great review!

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