Movie Adaptation: ENDER’S GAME by Orson Scott Card

I just finished watching ENDER’S GAME. Well, can i say im not as impressed as when i read the book. i had a hard time picturing all those battles then, but as i watched it, i was more confused than ever. It was so visually complicated. Maybe that is how our galaxy works… you cannot fully understand it, much more envision it. Hence, you are to be an astronaut first. But nevertheless i enjoy Ender, the main character, seeing into action. i had fun waiting for the battles itself, but since its a movie adaptation, a lot of scenes were cut… that in my opinion made the book in-depth, more detailed. If i haven’t read the book first, i will be lost in some of those episodes. I quite had a full grasp, thanks to my love for reading. Star trek was exactly my thoughts of imagining the book. Indeed, it was cool seeing Commander Ender instructing his best men ( alai, bean) and a lady (petra) to win a battle which in turn, was the climax of the book and the movie itself. They changed some of the roles and amended some scenes so as to meet the movie quality, i believe. That is why i rather prefer the books than the movie adaptations. Dont get me wrong, i still love Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff, in here. Seems, he cant be plucked far away from the movies involving star and wars and galaxies. 🙂 And for Asa Butterfield, he is perfect.
The movie was okay for me. To the people who never read the book, it might be a little disorienting, a little confusing. Its not all wars and aliens, im telling you. There is a lot of emotions and truths hanging around Ender’s world.
But as for the book, im a newbie when it comes to science-fiction. But i can say, it nailed me. I liked it. I enjoyed it. I had fun reading it, and at one point i cried. i dont know, maybe i really felt the emotions ENDER was supposed to feel. I felt cheated, lied to and used, at one too many episodes. So much for being an emotional reader. No difference when i watched it, it left me to tears. A crybaby, really.
All is well, that ends well. I felt peace at the end of the book and the movie, as well, and so i guess, Andrew ‘Ender” Wiggin, too.
Yes, a classic will always be a classic!

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3 thoughts on “Movie Adaptation: ENDER’S GAME by Orson Scott Card

  1. i never read the book coz like you i am not also a fan of sci-fi. but i did watched the movie. with no previous knowledge about the book it was based on i wasn’t so particular with the missing details. i still enjoyed the movie as a whole. the visual props, cgi effects IMO was amazing. I think Asa did a great job as Ender and i can feel his insecurities, fears and his moments when he put that genius mind of his into use. I was still able to follow the story behind it. I love that Ender was a character who think with his heart and mind. Sometimes it is very difficult to balance what you think is right and the most logical thing to do, when failure is not an option. That line towards the end in the movie that Ender said “how we win matters” i couldn’t agree more 🙂 I got teary eyed at that part coz in that moment he was feeling the impact of his conscience when he realized he got manipulated 😦

  2. Such a good point that the emotional power of a book can be different to the film, I guess it rests with the director of the film to decide. Perceptive post.

    • thank you @litadoolan… its been a while that i wrote a review.. i hope im not losing my touch in writing things like this.. sometimes, i feel i did not write those reviews. but im back… crawl if i must, but i want to write again… thank u again.

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