Ive heard the movie first before the book.  Because it was Audrey Hepburn, one of the most fashionable icons of all times.  Beside her pretty and cool antics, the style that she wore and portrayed in the role of Ms.  Holly Golightly really made the character alive.  She lighted up the screen.


As for her leading man, Mr. George Peppard, he swooned me.  Cute as his role can be, he was as just as love struck as a man can be.


I can totally say that ive appreciated the book more when i finally watched it visually.  i was re-oriented to the old ways, re-introduced to a much more liberated New York Society in late 50’s.  The heels, the dresses, the brands, Tiffany’s, were not at all new to me, but seeing it during those not so olden times, it was fabulous.  The effortless style and classic beauty that Audrey held was just as a perfect re-invention of Holly’s character.  And the ever romantic of a writer that Paul Varjak can be, George captured it.


The story in itself had a lot of social issues tackled.  A lot of of parties, indecent proposals, cigars and drinks, both in the book and the movie.  Infidelities, different kind of affairs, mafias, crime, were kind of tolerated in the story.  But hey, it just only show how real the world was for the people then and even now, if you look at the society closely.  This contained romance, comedy and realistic tale of a young woman in search for a fuller life, sidestepping the society’s view and not necessarily agreeing to norms.   Not so different from the world we are living in right now.   Nothing is perfect.

There were some major alterations throughout the movie but if you were a sucker for romantic and fairytale endings, the movie will be just the one for you.  The perfect ending to somewhat misfit characters.  Threw some comedic characters in it, like Mr. Yunioshi, which is not very much like that in the book, and the cat who doesn’t have a name, made the movie much appreciated.

As i read some articles about the casting, Audrey Hepburn was not originally chosen.  It was supposed to be Marilyn Monroe.  Though Mr. Truman Capote was not happy about it that time, i can say as a member of the newer generation, Ms. Hepburn did a great job of portraying Holly Golightly.   She had this charm and grace and elegance that burned brightly on the screen.  She was a doll, especially when she sang “Moon River” by Henry Mancini, by the window pane, sporting some casual attire.  Even there, you can see what beauty she had, as simple as she may seem.

Not convinced?  Please allow me to show you…

Awwwww! my heart melted! That was my favorite scene!

One word for Breakfast at Tiffany’s…  CLASSIC! 


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2 thoughts on “16. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S

  1. weeee! an iconic blast from the past. i saw this movie maybe twice before and i was still in high school. i was fascinated with Hepburn, she was the classiest american actress i knew then. I even bought a post card exactly like that one you posted above holding the very chic cigar. she has this very compelling on screen presence and she was funny and feisty in that role.
    But there was this other movie that she played the role of a blind woman being harassed by a creepy guy. She was amazing in that film. Plus she married royalty! Hollywood Royalty meets Royal Prince!

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