17./18./19 CLOCKWORK ANGEL, PRINCE and PRINCESS by Cassandra Clare


As soon as i had began leafing though it, struggled, then finally came to like it, and then it ended.  Never did i tell myself i will like this series as much as i would be allowed to when i started reading it.  You can see it from the reactions i got and wrote on one of the reading forums I was a member of,  after reading each book.  First,  the CLOCKWORK ANGEL, i wasn’t drawn into it, cannot find the connection between me and the world i was supposed to be seeing with Tessa and Will.  I didnt even buy the love story.  All that held me into it was the familiar words like shadowhunters, the institute which now is set in London, clave, lightwood, idris, downworlders, church.  Thanks to Mortal Instruments series, that i really love!  As i can recall, there was a bit of disappointment and a lot of browsing and scanning and jumping pages after pages and a little of encouragement to make it through the second book.

But i did continue reading the CLOCKWORK PRINCE.  Because a fellow reader told me to give it a chance, she said the finale book was worth it.  To think i was just not even halfway there.  But you know what, im glad i did.  This was how i had shown my gladness in writing, after finishing the second of the trilogy.

“im glad, i continued.  Indeed, clockwork angel was not love at first sight for me.  Tessa was still not as effective as a heroine was supposed to be since the first book, always the damsel in distress, always trying to be courageous but ending up to be rescued in the end.  But that was okay.  That hole was filled by the character of Will Herondale here.  Truly, i didn’t pay any notice to him but the revelations made me understand him.  It made me ache for him, made me favor him over Jem, whose calmness was just as boring to me.  You could tell that i totally disagree with how decisions were made at the end when it comes to the love triangle.  But that was exactly the situation calls for. A boy treated like a glass, they were scared to break him by the truth, and a boy who now finds the light but was diffused fast, and then a girl who was totally confused, cannot distinguish really what love is for her.

A lot of truths coming out in this series, some deaths, some crossing the border, some disappointment, some love.  

im glad i continued, did i already say that? :)”

As i remember reading the first few chapters of the CLOCKWORK PRINCE, a smile kept on appearing on my face.  Why? Because im starting to believe Laila, the fellow reader who told me to give all of them a chance.  She was down right on insisting.  The revelations in the second book made me understand the characters more.   The villains will always be there to put conflicts and obstacles on the way, but the progression and improvements on every character was obviously laid in the book.  Till the time came for them to really face the harsh reality of the situations they were all in, the story was on a roll already.

The finale book, CLOCKWORK PRINCESS was a lot for me to take.  In a good way, if i may say so.  The actions, the twists, the problem solving, desperations and losses, the comedic antics, the drama, the rollercoaster rides of feeling and emotions, TESSA, WILL, JEM.  I felt them all.  The battles, all of the battles with the automatons that i watched through reading almost always gave me the creeps. Because i saw how they evolved.   From simple mechanism they had started, with mute and awkward actions, just pure metal, till they learn how to answer to the master they were trained to answer for to the filling of skin and other body parts,  till they learn how to use minds of their own through the demon energies they were given mixed with the hatred and vengeance they want for nephilims.  They were plain scary.  I cannot imagine how to outrun them, even if am a shadowhunter myself. Thus, now i know, where the title name fits, clockwork, as for machine.

For the part that was bugging me ever since the love triangle was clearly stated, and Magnus Bane uttered these words to Tessa, “Most people are lucky to have even one great love in their life.  You have found two.”  I came to understand the true meaning of that when i reached the remaining last pages of the book.  True to the words, Tessa found two great loves.  She has to choose, yes, but she did it wisely and wholeheartedly.  To know how she was able to do that, you must read the series yourself. 🙂

It felt like the last book was two-parts in itself, the real cause of the problem, and the resolution for problem.  The beginning and the end.  All the events happened was also to be noted significant.  Even the simple exchanges of missives between the Consul, and Charlotte or Gabriel and Gideon, the fight with the worm at Chiswick, the solo journey of Will searching for Tessa, the battling against sickness of Jem, Charlotte’s own cries to fight for the Institute.  Henry’s inventions, Magnus” expertise, love tangles between Gabriel, Cecily, Gideon and Sophie, the eerie silence of the Silent Brothers despite the boldness and melancholic choice of music of Bridget, the not-so-participation of the Clave.  They were all important.

But some much important scenes had stayed with me.  The farewell conversation of  Jem and Will.  All those sweet and brave and shocking moments of Tessa and Jem and Will.  The emotional times  of Tessa and Will, most especially the moments  when Tessa was just recalling the lifetime of love and happiness she made with Will.  Having a glimpse of the not so past of their future together (gets?!) was just an unexplainable feeling.  Oh how i wept for them.  I really cried, but with a happy note to end, at that.

CASSANDRA CLARE, i just thought, made the unthinkable again.  How i came to love the mortal instruments instantly, gave meaning on how i can put my heart into the infernal devices, if i just gave the chance and time to it.  Slowly but surely, i will crave for more.  The trilogy was one smooth ride for me, despite all the bumps and rough phases on the way.  But that made it more interesting for me, and came to make me love this series.  I am glad i experienced the shadowhunters’ world once again.  A complete package for me, an epic ending.

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This give me the chills, as i remember reading Book One.  It felt gooood to reminisce when Cassandra Clare was just introducing me to Tessa Gray, Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs.  It never occured to me that i will learn to like these three.  Now, as ive finished reading the books, i am kind of missing them all.

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One thought on “17./18./19 CLOCKWORK ANGEL, PRINCE and PRINCESS by Cassandra Clare

  1. you are now officially a shadowhunter arjaye 🙂 like meeee!!! ahahaha!

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