20. MAYBE SOMEDAY by Colleen Hoover

What’s that word again? Hoovered?

It happens when one author named  COLLEEN HOOVER  made you read her novel like there was no more tomorrow.  You turned the very first page.  One chapter lead to another and another.  And before u know it, you have reached the remaining last pages of the book, while secretly wishing there’s more to follow.  You devoured it in one sitting, or lying down for that matter.  And after you finally put down the book, flashback and scenes and moments between the characters kept hovering your closed eyes, wishing it did not end so soon.  They should have stayed with you a little bit longer.  Maybe, just maybe, there should be a sequel to this.

That is what being hoovered means.  With MAYBE SOMEDAY, then, Im officially hoovered, once again.

A touching tale of love and forgiveness, letting-gos and second-time-arounds.


If you happen to find out that your bestfriend and roommate is screwing your boyfriend of 2 years, would you be pissed off?  Of course!  That was exactly the sentiments of Sydney. She just underwent a major hearbreak.  She packed her bags and left, but not without leaving her marks on them.  Physically.  She punched them both.  Hunter and Tori.  The boyfriend and the bestfriend.  The pain she caught herself in her hands can’t be compared to the piercing effect to her heart.  Add salt to the wound, the revelation happened exactly the day of her birthday, making her homeless in an instant, soaking wet under the pouring rain.  Broken, defeated.  The two most important people in her life whom she trusted the most were the ones who ripped and torn apart her very heart and soul.

Enter, then this hot knight-in-shining-armour, sweeping Sydney off of the rainy courtyard, offering her shelter for the meantime while she tend and mend her shattered world. He even bought her cake to celebrate despite of the unfortunate event he felt he had a little participation of. That hot guy would be Ridge, Sydney’s next-balcony neighbor.  She’s been noticing him for a good two weeks now, playing his guitar every night across her place.  But they never met officially.  Just at nights, when she sat outside her balcony to listen to his music, sang along with it, while making herself look as if she’s just there making assignments and homeworks, oblivious to his rhythm and blues.

Well, actually that was the starting point of the novel.  As Sydney and Ridge got along each day, connected by music and lyrics they were making beautifully together, they were also unaware of the feelings they were building towards each other.  Yes, that woud have been sweet and okay but for the fact that Ridge has a girlfriend, Maggie.  Maggie is just as lovable and as cute as she can be, so there were no reasons to dislike her relationship with Ridge and go start rooting for Sydney, instead. Actually, in this love triangle, there were no bad guys.  Each has their own back up stories to tell how and why they become as they are in the first place.  As one of the quotes in the book..



So imagine how torn I was while leafing through this.  All sorts of explaining and justifying and reacting.  In the end, i understood.

CoHo really had done a very great job in writing this one.  It is a wonderful masterpiece.  It really reached the depths of my heart and was able to pull me into the world of Sydney and Ridge, words and music.  I felt them.  I cried and ached for each of them.  I was angered, humiliated, hurt.  I felt the regret and the longing, mostly the pain.  The joy and acceptance and patience and happiness i was able to experience through them.  I made words into lyrics with them, I sang with them.

I would not want to go into details for doing it so will give away the real essence of the story.  All i want for you is to find your favorite reading spot, grab a good cup of coffee and turn that very first page of  maybe someday.


And by the way, Ridge can draw all over my body, too, whenever he wants, okay.  Just saying! (laila… I borrowed ur line! hihi)  🙂



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3 thoughts on “20. MAYBE SOMEDAY by Colleen Hoover

  1. You first love doesn’t necessarily have to be your true love…charnessss! I think Arjaye you are having a book hangover after this. And i always consider that as good 😉

    • Haha hang-o talaga! maybe i had some bits and pieces of same experience with the book… But i did not see myself with the happy ending, though.. With the choosing, and waiting, and back and forth feelings. Haha just got little.envious with sydney’s.hihi

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