24. IF I STAY by Gayle Forman

I read the book then i watch the trailer.

That is how i approach movie adaptations these days.  Actually, that is my rule, if i can help it.

With a lot of books coming alive on the big screen, we can’t help but to compare.  And in my opinion, I always prefer to read the story first, then see it in my imagination, build its way to my emotions, experience the feelings first-hand, then finally, watch its reflection through my own eyes.





A story about love, family, choices, happiness. It is about living, dying, fighting and accepting. i was teary eyed on most parts but because i was already prepped for the drama when the major heartbreaking scene was presented to me not even past 10 pages. So i kind of expected a lot of crying and such will be involved.  I knew it will revolve on the “should i stay or should i go” premise, thus the title, but still i cant help but to be touched on how i saw the life of Mia, relived through her own eyes. Death will always be a painful topic to tackle, no matter how you approach it in a story, most especially if it is about the loved-one’s. But here, we saw two sides, both from the one having the dilemma and the people she will be leaving behind.  How kind words are that powerful to influence one’s decision, knowingly or unknowingly heard. This story gave me some unforgettable lines which in honesty, i didn’t recognize how big the impact was until i heard them uttered in the first trailer courtesy of youtube.com.

This is where now the movie adaptation enters.

THE MOVIE (Trailer)

I already finished the book but the movie will still be out on August.  I already knew how it ended, in its written-form, but still wondering how well it will be played visually.  Saw the characters portrayed by the actor and actresses i am  familiar with.  I even remembered the resemblance on one of the most acclaimed love story in the movie industry during the 90’s. Unchained melody, ringing a bell??

Few more months of waiting till we see and hear Mia actually plays the cello.  Till we witness Adam making Mia fall in love with him, despite the differences.  Till we meet Mom, Dad, Teddy, Gran, Gramps and Kim.  Julliard, Shooting Star, Yo-yo Ma, punks, hipsters, musicians.  Till our hearts break into pieces, ‘coz you have to choose: to stay or to let go.

As i watch the trailer over and over again, i can’t help but succumbed to these words… much more heart-felt when you hear them spoken.

“Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”
“The you you are now is the same you I was in love with yesterday and the same you I’ll be in love with tomorrow.”
“Here’s the secret, baby: if you live; if you die; it’s all up to you.”

“I can’t lose her.”
“I’m still here. And I’m still crazy in love with you. Please stay.”


And the soundtrack…. it blew me away! The lyrics ever fitting…. SAY SOMETHING by Great Big World.

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4 thoughts on “24. IF I STAY by Gayle Forman

  1. Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I’m glad u have finally read this book. I was crying ugly the first time I saw the trailer and then that friggin song….It was just so perfect….i hope I can survive the feels this movie will be giving me. Btw…unchained melody…GHOST… one of my fave classic movie…patrick swayze and demi moore and whoopi goldberg was hilarious! DITTO!

    • Yes yes! grabe ang scoring… Fit na fit! im glad i read it. 🙂 more more na ganto… Baka hndi ko na kayanin! hahah

  2. Hi juneth! Finally 🙂 Ha-ha! I get to choose pala on accts to use when commenting.. anyways, have you read the 2nd book ‘Where she went’? I just finished it and thinking of writing a book review also.. hehe.

    • Feels weird… Called by my real first name haha.. Arjaye ang itawag mo sakin! Lol! nope havent read it yet…will download it soon. Heartbeaks all over din? will wait for ur rev.. Para i can brace myself. Heehee

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