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25. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Twice.  I watched the movie.

Twice.  I listened to the book.



The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Written by:  JAMES THURBER

Narrated by:  BEN STILLER

I got the audiobook free from audibles.com.  15 minutes, and Ben Stiller stole the show.  I mean, yes, he is a good and funny actor, but his narrating is quite impressive.  Very well versed, rich and full of emotions.  The story telling made me went deeper into my imaginations, especially the scene with the fountain pen and the grand act of Walter Mitty at the finale.  pockeeta-poocketa-pockeeta!


Directed by:  BEN STILLER

The movie is almost 2 hours long.  Ben Stiller, together with Kristen Wiig, and Sean Penn topped the casts.  Unlike the audiobook that can only be heard and the imagination was solely left to me, in the film, i experienced the scenes by my naked eyes.  Scenes which truly left me amazed, not only because of the acting and the roles but the picturesque beauty they had given and shown through locations and settings.  Country sides and snow-capped mountains, you can say that they honour nature at its best, here.  Greenland and Iceland, where i have learned some of the most of the popular movies and tv series’ favorite shooting spots.  Long and winding roads and treks, mountains, green meadows, oceans and volcanos…. ahhh! Truly wonderful sights to see.

My favorite part in the movie was of course, the finale.  Grand gesture like in the audiobook.  WALTER MITTY, with his convictions, his actions, and his perseverance, he truly touched my heart.



A lot.

Because this is not an adaptation.  It was just based from the short stories of James Thurber during the 1930’s.  In the book, Walter Mitty had a nagging wife.  In the movie, he is single and had his eyes for a certain co-worker.  In the book, the stories he made up in his mind was not the same as what Ben Stiller had acted in the movie.  15 minutes listening, the other one, almost 2 hours watching, so more elaboration on the movie part.  Additional elements were thrown such as romance, comedy, drama, action and even human interest scenes.

There is only one common denominator between these two.

That is, in reality, the life of Walter Mitty is as sad as it can be.  The zoning-out in both stories depicts an escape to the unimaginable world which Mitty is no longer just a simple man but rather leads a different life, doing different things, mostly noble and brave and clever, rendering him always to be the hero that saved the day.   You cannot consider it dreaming, because they all happen when he is awake.  So day-dreaming then, transporting him to be the star on his own fantastic adventures.  But whatever you call it, those were his thoughts.  The inner desires of his heart and mind.  It maybe absurd, or impossible or exaggerated, but nevertheless, those are what he yearns for, aspires and wishes.  One thing, that is to be accepted and acknowledged.  To be respected and be treated right.  Not to be nagged, and pushed-over many a times, not to be belittle of or make fun at.


∞  FINALE  ∞

In the book, it ended it with a standing Walter Mitty, tall and proud.  Facing his opponents, Undefeated.

In the movie, it ended it with a walking Walter Mitty, tall and proud.  Facing the world, Recognized.


He dreamt, he pursued!




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