21./22./23. THE MAZE RUNNER TRILOGY by James Dashner

This series of Mr. James Dashner occupied my April.  Our bookclub’s book of the month.  Originally, it was just the pilot book The Maze Runner, but since it was that good and interesting, we eventually continued on reading onto the next book and the next book after that.

We made it the series of the month!

This is how it went, my reactions after reading each stories.

THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner


Finished: April 13

ReadPhilippines' book of the month of April. It was fun reading it with buddies. It made the whole reading experience a kind of bit different in a good way. exciting as well. to know somebody is undergoing the same feelings right after you read not the whole book, mind you, but chapter by chapter, kind of appreciate it more. i like the teasing feeling that i give to other readers, esp. @mstessagray, who told me it kinda pushed her to ask for more. 🙂

and this MAZE RUNNER book makes you do that. it makes you crave for more. Action packed as it is, my heart went to Thomas immediately, because we were on the same boat. At the opening of the story, he had no idea what is happening, where is he, and why. He just knew one thing, his name. As same as for me, when i was starting the book. I just knew the title and that somehow its kind of dystopian, hunger games like. And the rest, came after each turn of the pages. The ordeals that these kids had to undergo made my imagination went wild. The running, the grievers, gladers, keepers, the heart pumping stunts that they did. Thomas and Minho, especially. Their actions and decisions, stupid most of the times, but very brave and for the good of everybody. Pages and pages of getting to know this new world of them, and guys, that turning of pages wont stop till i came to the end. End? understatement of the year. Because its not even close to that. I get it. I found out so little details to assume that this whole thing going about the maze is a work of some hideous company of a monster who just like to make kids a form of their entertainment. Bad creators, huh. But there's thing about being WICKED IS GOOD. What is that supposed to mean? At the end, nothing is concrete, it made me ask questions more. What a cliffhanger, right? So, that's the purpose of it being a series, or a trilogy for that more. What am i doing now?? oh well, im jumping to the next book, THE SCORCH TRIALS. The first book was literally maze-involved. The second, you think, is going to be fire-based? 🙂

SCORCH TRIALS  by James Dashner 


Finished:  April 19

SCORCH TRIALS was done a few days back. As ive mentioned in one of the threads , it gave a lasting headache before i actually started the 3rd installment. A lot of confusion and a lot of parties that i no longer knew who to trust, not to mention the new faces. The dark tunnel that they passed after the Flat trans with the silver metal head-eating ball, the wasteland and the lightnings, the Cranks, creepiest of the creepiest hello noses!, travel to the safe haven, running from the griever-like monsters, the Berg, and lots and lots of times that Thomas actually passed out—slept, gun-shot, gas chambered and who knows what other reasons, lives lost except for my most favorite people…im glad they made it! Oh well, that summarizes the 2nd book.


DEATH CURE by James Dashner


Finished:  April 22

DEATH CURE closed its chapter few minutes ago and i had to scramble in this keypad of mine to say this that my head cannot help but to spin even tho i reached the conclusion. Green meadows didn't relax me or my imagination even just a bit. Had a slow start.. actually, most of the time, i wasn't up and running with Thomas unlike the other 2 books that always left me at the edges of my seat and always ready to bolt with them. This time, I just watch Thomas in my head as he went back and forth Wicked's HQ and Denver and Berg, and a lot of escaping and fighting with the Cranks. One scene that broke me down was when he had to say goodbye to one of his friend. He had to say goodbye to a lot in here, but this particular one had me in tears. My heart regained its thumping and fast beating at the last chapters. That was where the real action for me… because i missed the running, i actually enjoyed the last remaining parts. Same feelings i had when the first book was nearing its end also. Up to this minute, i can really say im a die hard of Thomas-Minho friendship club. With all their attitudes and banters, I still want to keep them both! ❤ ❤ ❤

THE KILL ORDER by James Dashner


Finished: April 27

I demand a sequel to this prequel. Ooooh, wait! That will be the maze runner trilogy. Haha! I read and liked and loved the books, maze runner topping the charts.

But, im here to tackle my indifference to the kill order. Don’t get me wrong, i got the story, but i wasn’t able to feel it. Yes, the end of the world is given. With the Flare and the chaos. But in my opinion, too much action was not needed. Already experienced that in the series. The running, escaping, fighting and chasing was old news to me. What i needed was answers, which my humble mind was not able to comprehend after putting the book down. As much as i expected to be cleared from all the confusions hovering in my head, i was still left baffled. What was the real score between the virus-spreading and the need for variables and subjects. Mark and Trina, with Alec and others, but what is the real importance of all those actions when in the end i was given only one valid claim. That is, who will become Deedee…

Prequel is there to pave the way in understanding more but i didn’t quite grasp what Kill Order wanted to convey. MAYBE IT IS JUST ME. A little too much, Kill Order will do even without the cult and insane zombie-likes. It would do just fine with the prologue and the epilogue, which is Thomas. The beginning of the end, the end of the beginning.

Nevertheless, my love for Thomas and The Maze Runner will not falter. Who says everything should please me and be perfect? I did not regret picking it up, I just regret not being enlightened fully. 🙂

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One thought on “21./22./23. THE MAZE RUNNER TRILOGY by James Dashner

  1. I feel the same about the Kill Order…it could have been a novella too much unnecessary scenes. Great review :))

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