Movie of the Day: THE MAGIC OF ORDINARY DAYS (2005)

It was one of those days.  Those days when i usually wake up at the very crack of dawn, finding nobody to talk to yet, nothing to do much, so instead i browse the net over.  Youtube to be exact.  The title caught me.  Who wouldn’t?  I just woke up to one of those ordinary days, and i needed some magic to brighten it up.  That made me press the play button, clueless as I was.  I felt hopeful.  The movie is complete and the actress is a familiar face too, Keri Russell.


The Magic of Ordinary Days


Genre Period romance
Created by Hallmark Hall of Fame
Directed by Brent Shields
Produced by Andrew Gottlieb
Written by Ann Howard Creel (novel)
Camille Thomasson (adaption)
Starring Keri Russell
Skeet Ulrich
Mare Winningham
Country United States
Language English
Original channel CBS
Release date January 30, 2005


It was set on the early 1940’s.  Livvy Dunne was introduced as a single lady who got impregnated by a soldier and was banished by his own father to Colorado to marry Ray Singleton, a farmer.  An awkward first meeting but they managed to go on directly to the arranged marriage and proceed to their new life together in the farm.

At first, you can see and feel the hesitations of Livvy being there at the middle of nowhere, with nothing else but the old house and farm and Ray.  Obviously, she was not happy.  Ray, on the other hand, was as polite and as gentle as a man can be, ready to offer all the things to make his new wife happy.  You cannot just imagine how he did all of those things without the grand gesture,but  just the simple and kind acts in their everyday lives.

As the movie progressed in its slow pace, the characters grew before me.  Though there were still some hesitations and doubts in Livvy’s eyes, you can definitely feel the changes in Ray’s longing gaze.  The only question was, will they see it through until the end?


I am not going to answer that.  I am not a very fan of spoiler alerts.

You can see it for yourself as you watch their story unfolds right before your eyes.

This is a simple and yet a compelling romantic tale.  I am not going to reveal the ending, predictable as it may seem.  You have to experience it to feel it.  The only thing i am assuring you is the possibility of falling in love with Ray.  He is definitely not perfect, and not the type of man who can usually sweep me off my feet.  But hey, his character got me.  If this happened to me, those ordinary days with him, I might feel the magic, too.


And i never knew this was based on a book!!! Until i saw it in goodreads, just now, at the actual time of writing this review.  I cannot believe it that is why i am currently searching for a copy right at this moment.  This is a love story, which is I am fan of,  and yes, I want to fall in love again, reading it. 🙂

For you, watch it if you can’t read it first.  I really recommend this one!




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One thought on “Movie of the Day: THE MAGIC OF ORDINARY DAYS (2005)

  1. Omgeeee! I remember watching this movie…it was actually a beautiful story. I remember that Keri was so hang up on her soldier lover who never really cared for her that much while Ray was honest to goodness supportive of her in everything she did and her needs. In the end she realizes that who she truly want and learn to love was right in front of her :)) seriously she was kinda b*tchy to Ray in the beginning just trying to ignore his good deeds and intentions. I didn’t know this was based on a book too. Thanks for sharing 😀

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