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I picked this up randomly.  I didn’t have any idea about this book or the author.  I just needed something short and new to read after finishing the Vampire Academy series, and boy that was a long one.  Here i am, here it is.


So, who is Brady Remington and why was he up there getting the title?


He is the apple of the eye of our first person narrator, Rayna Janke.  Good girl, Bad guy but Best friends for life.  They were at the threshhold of committing the great leap from friendship to a relationship.  They’ve known each other their whole lives but they were so different in many ways.  Parties for Brady and libraries for Rayna.  Brady is the popular guy while Rayna is almost always on the sidelines.  But what keeps them together, what draws them to each other, is a big question mark.  Brady calls Rayna to bail him out of jail, always.  Brady is a fixture in Rayna’s household, Grandmother Viola and Grandfather Neil loves him.  Brady treats Rayna differently from any other girls, but not quite obviously for Rayna to assume he’s in love, Clarissa Cumberly exists as a proof of that.  Is Brady just using Rayna?  Suddenly, one act from Brady made Rayna and all the things around them, vague.   For what its worth, it jumpstarted the whole controversy.  They started to wonder more about their lives, the truths, meanings and consequences.  It confuses them more and more each day.  The question is, will they survive it all, despite the secrets and lies?   How about when the truth comes out, will they be able to handle them?  Will their feelings survive, even when Kidrick Stephens, both from their past enters again in the picture?  Who knows?!! You have to read it to know the answers.  I did read and i have the answers, but i will not squeal.  🙂

But this, I will share.  This is written to confuse you, in a good way.  The ups and downs, the roller coaster ride of feelings, Brady and Rayna’s indecision, going back and forth, skirting around their emotions.  The added complications and distractions will surely keep you hanging at times.  A lot of dramas, unnecessary ones at that.  But i promise you, you will have your answers before the story ends.  No cliffhangers, just plain wide resolution.  I believe that this is not as great as the others we have in the book market nowadays (Tijan, I’m sorry, just my opinion, but you’re still amazing!).  You may think that even the story line is not as new, not as deep, not as engaging.  But Brady and Rayna made my day.  Some even stirred my not so distant past.  It brought back memories.  That made the difference.  That is all I need.  🙂

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