MOVIE DAY: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (2008)

Another adaptation.  Another tear-jerker.  Another heart-wrenching book and movie.



I read it late last year.  Click here to read my review.  I got the book from a sale depot in one of the local bookstore back home in the Philippines.  No idea, just armed with the synopsis at the back of the book, I dove into one of the saddest book I’ve ever read.  Heart-tugging at its best, I cannot fathom the burden that all the characters had to endure.

Dr. David Henry, who kept the secret all his life.  He gave away his daughter.

Norah, the wife, who never had any idea of how big the sole decision of his husband put an effect to their marriage and family life.

Caroline Gill, the nurse, an important factor on keeping the secret alive.  Together with Al, the truck driver and the husband, they made it all work out.  Really, there are still many good people with good hearts out there.

Doro, Leo, Rosemary.  Supporting characters that helped shaped their lives.

Paul and Phoebe.  The twins.  They were actually the victims here.



I just stumbled upon this on Youtube.  I never had any idea until 2 hours ago that there is a movie based on this book.  When i saw this, I braced myself for I know that this will bring tears in my eyes, like when i first read the story.




Oh man, it was still a painful one.  Watching them brought me back to the time when i was reading it.  There was hurt, anger, relief, joy.  I felt all of these then, i feel them right now just the same.

My heart went to all the characters, even though i really resented some of their actions.  All took shape with just a quick decision, and a hasty one at that.  How can you do such a thing, Dr. David?! It seems you don’t have a heart. 😦  Good thing that Caroline had such a big heart that she carried all the burdens you dumped on her.  Actually, she thought of it as a gift, one will change her life forever.  I can see that she was very kind and noble.  And because of this, this path led her to her husband to be, who was kind-hearted as well.  Thanks to them, Phoebe was raised and had such a good life.

While the world of Dr.  David went tumbling down, I can see how he regretted his decision and tried to make up for it.  By being a good dad to Paul.  But it was not enough.  You cannot undo the past, especially if you are still living with the secret at the present.  Truly, the truth will set you free.  And i think, if Dr. David did confess at the early stages of their lives, it would make a great difference in their future.

Norah made decisions in life because she felt left-out and neglected, and empty.  Paul had a not so good teenage years, with all those parental problems.  They were deprived of the truth.

And Phoebe, though she was well taken care of, and was surrounded with love and attention, was still deprived of the truth, as well.

Though, they dispensed some of the characters in the book like Doro and Leo and Rosemary, I really didn’t notice since the message of the movie  was clearly and successfully brought about.

The ending in this movie was such an emotional scene.  Despite of all the lost time, no words needed to express how much they were grateful now that the secret was out in the open and a secret no longer.  You can never bring back the past, but the present time, and the future… those were the ones they were trying to focus and to look forward to.

READ AND WATCH.  It wants us to learn one basic fact in our life.

“the truth will set us free”


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4 thoughts on “MOVIE DAY: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (2008)

  1. I’ve read the book. was frustrated that Dr. David never told his family the truth himself! He took it to his grave…at least according to my memory…hehehe!

    • You are absolutely right! Never a fan of his decision… Ryt from the start! You cannot justify anything like that. This was just sad. ;(

  2. Will need to read this now…and watch! Thank you for posting the link!

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