2 Days in Toronto means 2 activities ticked off in my bucketlist.



CN Tower is not only known for the picturesque view of the city through its viewing deck, not only for the 360 degrees revolving restaurant, but most importantly so for experiencing one heaven of a heart-pumping activity called the edgewalk.

Edgewalk is a guided stroll around the tower.  It is a suspended 20-30 minute walk at the roof of the CN Tower restaurant 553 meters high above the ground.  The package for the price of 175 C$ plus taxes includes the walk, certificate of completion, a  video dvd copy and 2 printed copy of photos taken during the walk.  USB for other pictures is optional.  You can have it for an extra charge of 25 C$.

My best girlfriend, Marjori and I decided to try it for ourselves.

Skeptical at first, but excitement filled our system as soon as we hit the base camp, the starting point where they geared us up , jumpsuit, harness and all.  Test for alcohol in the system is a must, and nothing should be in your pockets like phones or wallet, and nothing in you even like jewelries or hair pins.  An orientation was held for safety reasons.

Then we were all set,  ready to go up, up and away.   Steven, our guidemaster, with Dave and Jenny triple checked our harnesses before they sent us out to the big, high, wide world.  Tell you frankly, I am much more excited than scared.  Really, I was almost always flying because of my work, but not like these, suspended just with the harness, nothing to hold on to, in a walkway not as wide as.  But still, this was a new experience for me.  The adrenaline was kicking hard.

The crew with us consisted of brothers Scott and Greg, lovers Cris and Nicole, father and son, Dave and Andrew, and yours truly, friends Arjaye and Marj.

Up there, we can see the different angles on a birds eye view of the city.  The roofs of the skyscrapers, the bodies of water and buildings and structures.  The air, the wind, the sun and the sky, we can feel them all.  In heights like that, you tend to panic sometimes and thoughts of falling or ropes breaking can consume you, that was why Steven always cracked some jokes to release the tension, plus the group’s encouragement helped us to enjoy the moment.  In the end, we all nailed it, successfully!

Overall, it is a must-try.  People like us, adventure-seekers, will truly appreciate EDGEWALK.

You should see how we conquered the fear of heights , once and for all, through this compilation.  One breath-taking, thrill of a lifetime , unforgettable experience.  I am glad I did this!  WE ARE REALLY PROUD OF US!




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  1. Ima Vee

    Wow. Edgewalk is really exciting. We have one here in Cebu but they call it skywalk. Me and my workmates tried it last 2012 and it was midnight so it’s was really freezing. I like to try it again in daytime so there’ll be a lot to look at. 🙂

    • Yes yes! Ive heard about that also.. But unfortunately, didnt try it when we were there. Grabe noh! Exciting! 😉 buti hndi ako takot sa heights…;)

  2. Oh wow when I was reading your description of Edgewalk I pictured that possibly you were walking high up on a glass ledge (similar to towers we have in London) but then I saw the video! I take my hat off to you. Phenomenal!!

    • Oh yes, lita! 🙂 one experience that will prep me for skydive hahaha i so wish i can tick that soon. But edgewalk is kinda scary if ure afraid of heights.. Otherwise its fun. What do u have in london.. Might try it next time if given a chance. 🙂 thanks thanks! 🙂

      • You are planning skydive?! Oh crikey!! Can’t wait to read more! You are a brave lady 😉 In the North of England there is the Blackpool tower where you can walk on a glass platform at the top. It’s not as wild as Edgewalk! London has the Shard building and a few other towers too but we don’t get to go on the outside! Happy adventures, keep blogging them so I can find out more!

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