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For you, little sister!

When you came, you complete us.
Poppie, Mommie, big Arjaye and little Jaemie.
Sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, Most important thing, you grew up good and wise.

Miles and miles apart, life took us.
I became the nomad, you became the guru.
I travel with people, you teach the people.
Really… flying and teaching, how can it mix?
Hey, we are the very best example!

Together, we did,
We complement, we exist.
You are the best travel buddy i got, I am your best student.
Love and life aspects, even im older, so what?

Sharing and learning, celebrating and idling.
Of all the similarities, what got us going,
Most are the abstracts, parallels and contrasts.
Seeing not eye to eye at times, our interest varies, our trait collides.

Misunderstandings, disappointments, but what sweeter and better than reconciliations and making ups?
I learn, you learn.
Nothing can beat that if we manage bad habits to burn.

Life in this world is better with you.
Every memories, every experiences, every bits and pieces.
Life may give me more choices and surprises,
But i will never trade the day when you came and be the cutest sister.

Those round eyes and big wide smile , all bundled up… Ooohhhh they just took our breaths away.


Looking at you now, prettier and sweeter, all grown up…
Ooooohh you still take breaths away, mine and most admirers out there.


I will always be here for you, little sister.
Happiest birthday!
God bless always!
I love you forever!

❤ ❤ ❤

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“Uniquely SINGAPORE”

Short and sweet.  Throw in some fun.  That’s how i spend my weekend in Singapore.

I met my friend, former co-beauty pageant finalist, Mimilanie Lisondra, for dinner and some girly overnight bonding. She is currently living and working there.  She brought me to Clarke Quay.


Clarke Quay.  Known for its night life, it was quite busy for a Saturday night.

Most of the restaurants and bars were crowded with people, all walks of life, foreign and locals, alike.  It was decided that we dine in a restaurant called Shiraz, offering authentic Persian cuisine.  Aside from the great food,


and great company,


some entertainment in the form of belly dancing is regularly played by the said restaurant.  I got a sneak peak for you.  I recorded it by myself, a sloppy first time ever attempt.  Forgive me, friends.

After dinner, we had our nightcap at a bar called Cuba Libre, a Latin/Mexican one.


A quick fix of a spirited drink was a good starter.  Classic mojito served in a big glass jar was just as tempting as the dance floor, so we drank and danced  the night away.  Music like these are new to my ears, i kind of let it swept me away.  Met some of Mimi’s friends, too, Irish, and Magesh.  Actually, we were as united as colors of benetton can be.  🙂


 I partied that night, but not as hard for there’s a whole day of fun the next morning.  I intended to tour around Singapore once more, with my camera and a whole lot of smiles.  I’ll let you know what happened after that, soon! 🙂

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I’ve been meaning to put my first ever entry for my “featured person” category, and i think i found the right person at the right time.  This is a “no-brainer”!

Friends, meet MARJORI ALMA ISON!


5 things i love about her:


          Who wouldve thought that this pretty girl did already stunts that most of the people wanted to tick on their bucket lists?!  Be it hiking, rapelling, ziplining, whaleshark watching and other tree top adventures, island hopping, backpacking, bunjee and surfing but water rafting and skydiving sits on the top spots.  Luckily, ive been with her during our white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, and i can say, that those moments were really  PRICELESS! there’s a lesson i can learn from this pretty daredevilette… live life to the fullest! 🙂


(skydiving at san antonio, texas)


(white-water rafting at cagayan de oro)


(surfing at la union)


            I have one song in mind for her.  You know florida’s who dat  girl.  “She ain’t got riches, but she got fashion.  She aint a model, but cameras flashin!”

She is that girl!


           Any food, any where, anything! She’s game, she’s in.  Not a bit of a choosy person.  Much, more she’s easy to please.  Simple things will make her happy, as long as we are together.  No make-ups, no glamour, no fashion, no qualms about anything.  Just simple. Just Marj.


           Having Marky is the best thing that happened to her, I know that.  Been with her when she was single and taken, then single again, then taken for a while, then…. you know the cycle.  But for whatever’s worth.. ive seen her grow and mature as a woman.  The crazy in her is still there, i can say, but she’s more responsible and wiser.  I salute you for that, gf!



            You live by those words.  Through thick and thin, richer or poorer, we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs.  We had alot of hearbreaks (oohhh! more on your side..or mine?!! haha) But seriously, here we are, still standing strong.  No distance can tear us apart.  We always find each other, even we are at both ends of the world.  And we always see each other for who we really are.  I can cry for lots of reason and you’re always there to comfort me.  Always there to listen, to compliment me, to pick me up when im down, to feel with me whatever i’m feeling, to lend a helping hand, to do crazy stuff with me, to direct my path, to dream about travels in the future, some more of those crazy things again that we do and will do, to plan and build our good lives, to find somebody to love, but then to be thankful for the big and small things now, simple joys that we have.  In the end, i cannot just sum you up in those few words… because you are bigger than that.  You are larger than life.


Simple as this may seem, but this is it.   This is for you, birthday girl! I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK, GF!

Yes, people do come and go… but some are here to stay.  You are definitely one of my most-keeps, and i will be yours till the end.  #FRIENDSFOREVER 


(marj and arjaye)

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