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For you, little sister!

When you came, you complete us.
Poppie, Mommie, big Arjaye and little Jaemie.
Sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, Most important thing, you grew up good and wise.

Miles and miles apart, life took us.
I became the nomad, you became the guru.
I travel with people, you teach the people.
Really… flying and teaching, how can it mix?
Hey, we are the very best example!

Together, we did,
We complement, we exist.
You are the best travel buddy i got, I am your best student.
Love and life aspects, even im older, so what?

Sharing and learning, celebrating and idling.
Of all the similarities, what got us going,
Most are the abstracts, parallels and contrasts.
Seeing not eye to eye at times, our interest varies, our trait collides.

Misunderstandings, disappointments, but what sweeter and better than reconciliations and making ups?
I learn, you learn.
Nothing can beat that if we manage bad habits to burn.

Life in this world is better with you.
Every memories, every experiences, every bits and pieces.
Life may give me more choices and surprises,
But i will never trade the day when you came and be the cutest sister.

Those round eyes and big wide smile , all bundled up… Ooohhhh they just took our breaths away.


Looking at you now, prettier and sweeter, all grown up…
Ooooohh you still take breaths away, mine and most admirers out there.


I will always be here for you, little sister.
Happiest birthday!
God bless always!
I love you forever!

❤ ❤ ❤

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Feb. 1: i love… Watches!

It’s time.
Definitely, i think it is the TIME.
Time is gold.  Sometimes white, sometimes gray.  Blue as the sky, black as night, green for luck and maybe yellow for a little sunshine.

One of my secret love… The love for watches.  I love collecting wrist watches.  CASIO G-SHOCK, in particular.  I’ve got 5 already.  I know it’s not much, not the crazy hoarding type, but i’d like to have some more, if money permits, haha!  I will never run out of designs and models to chose from, though.  Every season, they bring out new ones.  But i will never ever get tired of desiring to get at least one from them.


Spare me with this little hobby of mine.  Collecting not just g-shocks but all the kind of watches, fancy or gold, expensive or cheap, plastic, leather or steel, any shapes and any kinds.  I just dont get them for simply satisfying my collection, not just a feast in my eyes, but I totally use them, get the most out of those tic-tac-tic-tac they offer, literally and figuratively.

Harvey Mackay once said, ” Time is free, but it’s priceless.  You cant own it, but you  can use it.  You cant keep it, but you can spend it.  Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back”.

At least i have my collection.  It is not for free, but it is mine.  I can use and keep it. I can even lend it.  Once or twice, ive lost one of them, can never find or get them back.  But i can just check out other stores, if i really want to have the same again.

But most important of all is…. Since ive got time now, better put it to good use.  Make the most out of it, positively.  Make evey hour, every minute, every second of the day counts.  Anyway, it is not the time that you wear, it is the time that you use to share doing what you love with the people you love and care about. SPEND IT WISELY!

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